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A key to simplifying and accelerating the interaction in transactions with crypto assets between financial market participants, government agencies and the consumer.

May 10, 2023


Learn how to integrate compliance into your crypto strategy with these key takeaways. Mitigate risk, protect your business, and ensure legal adherence in the world of crypto

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Know Your Wallet (KYW)™
patented technology

Know Your Wallet (KYW) TM technology automatically assesses the risks and assets of crypto wallets, identifies the owner, and confirms their right to own the crypto assets. This ensures a secure and transparent ecosystem for the movement of crypto funds, while also complying with regulations.

Know Your Wallet technology for secure and transparent crypto transactions.

Risk score calculation to identify potential threats or frauds.

Invest in cryptocurrency with confidence, knowing that CryptoPass adheres to global compliance standards and regulations governing the crypto industry.

Have peace of mind knowing your transactions are secure and protected against frauds or scams.

Compliance with global regulations such as FATF, ECB, OFAC and MiCA.

Safely, send or receive cryptocurrencies in compliance with global and your local regulations.

Enjoy a hassle free experience when dealing with digital assets like cryptocurrencies.

Easy access from the App Store and Google Play.

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What are your


Securely link their data to their crypto wallet(s).


Move crypto funds between wallets safely and securely.


Receive only legal crypto funds into their wallet.


Confirm the identity of people sending them assets with ease.


Enjoy peace of mind knowing that their personal information is kept confidential and secure in compliance with various regulatory frameworks, including GDPR and AML/KYC regulations.

What is

The CryptoPass app built on the Patent-pending Know Your WalletTM (KYW) technology, which analyzes various sources to provide risk and credibility ratings for your crypto assets


  • Confirm your ownership of a crypto
  • Be warned if you crypto has been compromised while holding

P2P transactions

  • Identify your counterparty's ownership of a crypto
  • Protect yourself from receiving an illicit crypto

Interaction with financial institutions

  • Prove that your funds are legit
  • Protect you funds from blocking by financial institutions and VASPs

in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein and its Blockchain Act are serving as s primary and solid option for those looking to set up a regulated business activity in EEA jurisdiction, with full access to the European market and a crypto-friendly banking system.

CryptoPass is safe
& trustworthy

CryptoPass is in line with global regulations, such as those recommended by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), European Central Bank (ECB), and the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) + MiCA .

Secured blockchain technology

Utilizing blockchain technology, each CryptoPass certificate is secured through the storage of its corresponding hash within the blockchain. This ensures the integrity and authenticity of every aspect of the document, effectively safeguarding the system from any fraudulent attempts.

More about

Choose your

Safe Hold

CryptoPass token record

A confirmation the ownership of crypto assets

AML/KYT screening and source validation of crypto funds

Know Your Wallet overall report

CryptoPass token record

A confirmation the ownership of crypto assets

AML/KYT screening and source validation of crypto funds

Know Your Wallet over all report


CryptoPass token record

A confirmation the ownership of crypto assets

AML/KYT screening and source validation of crypto funds

Know Your Wallet overall report

CryptoPass Certificate, legal statement which prevents funds blocking by financial market participants

CryptoPass token record

Due Diligence

CryptoPass token record

A confirmation the ownership of crypto assets

AML/KYT screening and source validation of crypto funds

Know Your Wallet overall report

CryptoPass Certificate, legal statement which prevents funds blocking by financial market participants

Legal support

CryptoPass token record

You may choose any number of wallets from one to ten. You may also add Wallets Monitoring service to your order.

The order will include:


PDF report

Lawyer's signature


1 wallet



3 wallets



Up to 10 wallets (price per each)


starting from $49

People behind
the Cryptopass

Geoffrey Robert Carr-Harris

Founder & Chairman

Serial entrepreneur with over five decades experience building innovative ventures

Andreas Janzen

Co-Founder & CEO

Over 10 years of experience in managing finance and business consulting companies

Arturs Rasnacis

Chief Technology Officer

Experienced IT manager and entrepreneur with over 10 years in development of internetbusinesses

Andre Zalbertus

Chief Communication Officer

Professional journalist with over 30 years of experience in media business and public relations

We take client privacy seriously, we collect personal information only to verify the client's identity in compliance with various regulatory frameworks. We will never share any personal information without our client's explicit consent.

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What is CryptoPass™

CryptoPass™ is an application that bridges the gap between cryptocurrency and fiat transactions, ensuring regulatory compliance. It empowers individuals to conduct risk assessments on private crypto wallets using our proprietary Know Your Wallet (KYW)™ technology, which integrates KYC, KYT, AML checks. With CryptoPass, users can access risk and credibility ratings of wallets and their owners, enhancing transaction safety.

What are the benefits of using CryptoPass?

Mitigates Risk: CryptoPass allows users to assess the credibility and risk associated with a private crypto wallet, ensuring safer transactions.

Regulatory Compliance: It ensures that all activities align with current regulatory requirements (MiCA, Fatc etc).

Easy Sharing: The results of the risk assessment can be easily shared via a QR-code, PDF report, link for messengers or physical signed certificate can be received.

Boosts Confidence: It brings confidence to the crypto transaction process by verifying the authenticity and credibility of involved wallets.

How does CryptoPass work?

CryptoPass works by performing an ownership check accompanying it with an in-depth analysis of a given person and their crypto wallet using multiple data sources. It then provides a risk and credibility rating for the wallet. Users then receive their results as a certificate. Users can then share their results in various forms, ensuring transparency in their crypto transactions.

How do I set up CryptoPass?

To set up CryptoPass, users need to download the application, register with their email, and follow the step-by-step instructions provided in the app to provide the necessary details about their crypto wallets.

What are the features of CryptoPass?

Know Your Wallet™ (KYW)™ technology: Aggregates KYC, KYT, and AML checks along with proof of wallet ownership.

Risk and Credibility Ratings: Offers ratings of wallets and their owners.

Various Result Sharing Methods: Allows sharing of results via link in the messaging apps, QR-code, PDF report, or a physical certificate.

How do I use CryptoPass?

1. Download: You can download the CryptoPass app from either the App Store or Google Play Store based on your device preference.
2. Create an Account: Once you've installed the app, open it and create a new account.
3. Choose Your Plan: CryptoPass offers different types of plans - Safehold, Defender, and Due Diligence. Choose the one that suits your needs.
4. Accept the Disclaimer: At this point, it's critical to carefully read the disclaimer provided. If you fully understand and agree with all its terms and conditions, you can proceed by accepting it.
5. Complete Payment: Make the payment for the plan you've chosen.
6. Add Your Wallet Address: Add the address of your wallet in the provided field.
7. Complete the Satoshi Test: CryptoPass requires you to pass the Satoshi test for proving the ownership of your wallet. The app will display a unique wallet address and a precise amount of crypto. You need to send this exact amount from your wallet to the provided address. Remember to send the exact amount as provided to ensure the Satoshi test is successful.
8. AML Check: The Anti-Money Laundering check will be carried out automatically once the wallet is added.
9. Complete KYC: You will have to complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) process manually.
10. Wait: Once all the steps are completed, the KYW (Know Your Wallet) process will begin in the background. You have to wait for this process to complete.

What are the security features of CryptoPass?

1. Minimal Data Storage: CryptoPass strives to store as little user sensitive data as possible, ensuring less exposure of your information.
2. Two-way Encryption: When user sensitive data is stored, it is obfuscated using two-way encryption to enhance data security.
3. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL): Communication between the front-end application and back-end API is securely managed using SSL to ensure data integrity and confidentiality.
4. Blockchain Technology: The hash of the digital certificate document is stored on blockchain for redundancy. This allows everyone to verify the authenticity of a document and confirms that it was issued by CryptoPass.
5. GDPR Compliance and Liechtenstein Laws: CryptoPass is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and strictly adheres to the Laws of Liechtenstein. We take your data protection very seriously, employing stringent measures to ensure the safety and privacy of your personal information.

How do I share my CryptoPass with others?

You can share your CryptoPass in multiple ways: by displaying your QR code to others, sending a PDF report of your analysis, providing a physical certificate, or sharing a link to your results in messaging apps.

What if I forget my CryptoPass password?

In case you forget your password, you can reset it using the "Forgot Password" option on the login screen. An email will be sent to your registered email address with instructions on how to reset your password.

How do I know if CryptoPass is secure?

CryptoPass keeps your private data confidential and secure under the Laws of Liechtenstein and GDPR compliance. You don't have to worry about your personal info getting out there.

What are some best practices for using CryptoPass?

Use Your Own Wallet: Always add and verify your own non-custodial wallets to maintain transparency and compliance.

Secure Your Account: Use a strong, unique password and enable two-factor authentication, if available, to keep your account secure.

Share Wisely: When sharing your CryptoPass status, make sure it's with trusted parties to maintain your privacy and security.

Utilize AML Pre-checks: Use your bonus AML pre-checks to vet other wallets before conducting transactions.

Understand the Process: Familiarize yourself with the KYW process, how it works, and what the outcomes mean for a smoother user experience.

Educate Yourself: Understand the significance and benefits of crypto compliance for safer transactions and better business opportunities. CryptoPass's blog and resources can be a good starting point for this.

How can I learn more about CryptoPass?

For more detailed information about CryptoPass, its features, and how it can help you, please visit our website at You can also reach out to our customer support and follow us on social media:





What is the KYC-Status?

The person's KYC status is green, indicating that they are not on any list of sanctioned individuals, terrorists, or persons of interest. However, if their KYC status shows a red flag, they are subject to Enhanced Due Diligence and support should be contacted.

What is the KYW-score?

Know Your Wallet (KYW) Credibility Assessment

The KYW credibility assessment is a point-based grading system designed to evaluate the trustworthiness of both the wallet and its owner, providing a comprehensive assessment of the user's full dossier. Points are assigned based on various criteria, and the final score falls into one of three categories:

- Low Credibility Score (0-35 points): Wallets and their owners with a low credibility score, indicating potential risks or a lack of transparency.

- Medium Credibility Score (36-70 points): Wallets and their owners with a medium credibility score exhibit a moderate level of trustworthiness, having met some of the evaluation criteria but still presenting areas of potential risk.

- High Credibility Score (71-100 points): Wallets and their owners with a high credibility score are considered highly trustworthy, and compliant with best practices.

This assessment aims to provide users and those with whom they may interact with a tool to enable them to make more informed decisions with regard to specific digital assets. The KYW Credibility Assessment is not a rating of the wallet per se, but a holistic evaluation of the wallet in conjunction with the owner's trustworthiness.

What is CryptoPass Risk Score?

CryptoPass Risk Analysis is a comprehensive risk assessment tool that evaluates addresses on a 100-points scale, categorizing them into three risk levels:

Low (0-35): Minimal risk involved. Safe to interact with these addresses.

Medium (36-65): Some risk involved, such as suspicious transaction amounts or involvement with anonymity-promoting coins.

High (66-100): Risky addresses, including those belonging to known hackers or on sanction lists

What is AML Pre-check?

After purchasing any plan, you will receive bonus AML pre-checks. These allow you to perform compliance checks on someone else's wallet. Every time you purchase a CryptoPass, you receive these bonus AML pre-checks. Use them wisely to ensure your transactions are with compliant parties.